I specialize in writing, editing, and sensitivity reading. I am also available to speak about the importance of facial equality at your school, office, or upcoming event. 

Writing & Editing

As a freelance writer, I’ve covered a diverse range of topics for a variety of industries. This includes education, politics, construction, mental health, food, travel, and social justice. I have experience with copywriting, academic writing, essay and opinion writing, reportage, blogging, content creation, and research. 

I'm also available for editing. This includes proofreading, copyediting/ line editing, stylistic editing, and developmental editing. I pay attention to everything from grammar and structure to perfecting the conceptual aspect of a piece.

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Speaking Engagements

Growing up with a facial disfigurement not only left me with the desire to be understood, but also to understand. This is why I write: to dissect the emotional and physical implications of living with an appearance-altering condition and explore my role in a society permeated by superficiality – where appearance is often used as an indicator of worth. I've dedicated myself to sharing my story, because I want to eliminate stigma and end discrimination. I want to help others who are different feel like they belong. 

Individuals with disfigurements or other physical differences often face discrimination in every area of their lives. I believe we can end this through education, exposure, and mainstream inclusion. Whether you're an educator, medical professional, or parent to a child with a medical condition, I'd be happy to speak at your school, meeting, or event. Let's spread awareness and fight for facial equality, because together we can create a world where every person is valued.

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Listen to hosts Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond chat with Ariel about letters they received from people whose physical appearance are at odds with conventional standards of beauty. Ariel shares stories about her own life and how she came to terms with her appearance in this episode of Dear Sugars:

Watch Ariel discuss Crouzon syndrome, Wonder, and the lack of mainstream inclusion for individuals with disfigurements in this segment for Vice's health vertical, Tonic:

Watch Ariel talk about her experience with Crouzon syndrome in Face Value, a documentary about face equality by Louisa Brett:

Sensitivity Reading

A sensitivity reader is a professional reader who is hired to review a manuscript, focusing on the portrayal of marginalized groups/ identities in the story. I read for problematic and offensive language, factual inaccuracies, and instances of bias within the story. After reading, I offer feedback, insight, and suggested revisions to ensure characters are depicted in a way that isn't inaccurate, harmful, insulting, or misrepresentative.

I'm available as a reader for stories containing the following marginalized groups: individuals with craniofacial disorders; individuals with disfigurements or appearance-altering medical conditions; individuals who identify as women; and individuals suffering from mental illness as a result of trauma.

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